It is critical that all businesses take the relationship between voice, data and security more seriously, however it can be a challenge knowing where best to start.

TRUENAV is a partner you can trust that will help you navigate the complexities of information security, cyber threat prevention, data privacy, data encryption and other essential digital security needs. Let us develop a solution that is tailor made to suit your business needs and unique industry-specific ecosystem.

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Human Aspect

Improving your employees security understanding through training and integrating protocols

User Devices

Integrating data encryption and system management tools to prevent illegal access and theft of company information from exposing devices


Implementing security systems to ensure a digitally robust infrastructure to prevent unauthorised access and data leaks.


Security software to protect against malicious software that could expose your business to illegal data and server access and protecting data through secure offsite backups.


As telecommunication specialists here at TRUENAV, we are equipped with the skills and experience to know where and how your business needs to be safeguarded against cyber threats. With years of experience building data and communication systems & solutions, we aim to leverage this knowledge by delivering robust security solutions that considers not only day-to-day threats, but those that come with your industry.

If you are looking to transform your connectivity to something safe and secure, get in touch with one of our TRUENAV specialists who can help you navigate these complexities and its ever changing space to ensure your business is not at risk.

What is the right business security?

Businesses today have unique systems and operations, even if they seemingly do the same thing. With this understanding, security has to be delivered in different forms to safeguard these aspects vital to a business. Technology is an ever-evolving space, with new innovations and changes occurring almost daily. This creates a massive need for the cybersecurity space to keep up with these changes through its own innovation, ultimately ensuring new methods and capabilities are considered to provide as robust a system as technology allows.

As this space has evolved, it has called for specialists with niche skills and expertise in specific fields, who understand the landscape and factors to be considered around user security to network and data security. With every area of a business becoming more and more reliant on technology, it makes it vulnerable to the risk of cyber attacks and theft. Businesses are in need of the skills and expertise of a cybersecurity specialist, to ensure the technology integrated is future proof by protecting you against the most recent possible threats. Rather than employing specialists, businesses should rely on cybersecurity service providers to supply managed services, by managing the products, monitoring the technology, making adjustments and alerting the business to threats at an affordable cost.

  • Any number of users
  • Remote Access
  • Affordable Cost
  • Industry Leading Products
  • Multiple disaster recovery vectors
  • Local Support
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As specialists in this space, our Thought Leadership has been built around delivering digestible industry insights, showcasing trends and market changing innovations. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge to navigate this complex space to find the right partner who can deliver a true solution.

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We understand the complexities of the telecommunication space. If you are looking to get a true perspective on your situation and what you can do to start or improve. Fill in your information below and tell us what you're looking for so we can make sure the right person speaks to your about your business needs.