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The Telecoms industry is constantly evolving which means your telecommunication partner is more important that ever.

TRUENAV aims to help your business navigate the complexities of communicating in a world that is rapidly shifting to data and cloud. Never underestimate what we can do for your business by updating and simplifying your current communication systems.


Telephony Consumption

Instant messages, voice calling, video calling, conferencing, voicemail, call recording and user status tracking


Migrating to the Cloud

Migrate your Telecommunications systems to the cloud and eliminate costs


Reduce cost of ownership

Move your communications spend model from Capex and Opex to consumption based


Telephony Management

Stay in control of your telecoms. Analyse, manage and reduce your call costs.


At TRUENAV, we understand the critical nature of your telephony environment. Leveraging our experience and skills we aim to deliver world-class support and services to transform your communication abilities. Our mission is to help navigate your business through the complexities of the telecoms technologies and systems to equip you with a solution that benefits you, by clearly understanding your business and its needs.

What is your Telecoms?

Otherwise referred to as Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, Your Telecoms is how you communicate internally and externally using voice, video and instant messaging technology. Not all businesses are the same. Some require very basic on-premises infrastructure and others need to have a fully virtual, cloud-based system that integrates with other business systems e.g. CRM or ticketing systems. Either way these systems empower you to provide a better experience for your clients and users. A better experience for your stakeholders helps you to unlock your potential.

Case StudyYour Telecoms3CX

Establishing Borderless Communication Capabilities with 3CX

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Transforming Venture Workspace with Cloud Capabilities

The TRUENAV Elgin Free Range Chickens Partnership - an infrastructural solution

A smart solution that has the capabilities to expand as they scale through TRUEPBX

How 3CX Integration Capabilities Enabled a Partner to Optimise and Go Cloud Based.

Optimising, Integrating, and going Cloud with 3CX

A really great brand company needs really great call solutions

A TRUE solution, improving call capabilities


As specialists in this space, our Thought Leadership has been built around delivering digestible industry insights, showcasing trends and market changing innovations. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge to navigate this complex space to find the right partner who can deliver a true solution.


We particularly liked TRUENAV's consultative and transparent approach. Their system has provided significant cost savings due to no monthly costs for hosting the PBX along with the removal of our fixed lines. This cost-effectiveness combined with free inter-branch calls, barring of extensions and built in telephone management software, made the decision to deploy the uVoice Free Business PBX an easy choice

Wilfred Jackson

Financial Manager, College of Cape Town

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We understand the complexities of the telecommunication space. If you are looking to get a true perspective on your situation and what you can do to start or improve. Fill in your information below and tell us what you're looking for so we can make sure the right person speaks to your about your business needs.

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