8 Benefits of Working from Home

The benefits of a cloud based PBX

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With the pandemic still in our midst, many businesses have been forced to consider remote working for their companies. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! There are many different benefits of working from home for both employees and employers – keep reading to find out more.

Cut Costs

Besides your office charges like rent, electricity, food and maintenance, your in-premise telecommunication hardware can quickly become faulty and costly. Therefore, it’s better to use reliable cloud-based PBX telecoms that work through an internet connection thus allowing your employees to go about their business from anywhere in the world – including their homes. This is especially important now considering the unpredictability of a pandemic.

Timely, Tiring, and Costly Traveling

Cutting out commuting can be both a time save as well as a huge morale booster. In fact, a Stanford study showed that employees who work from home are 13% more productive compared to working in-office. What’s more, employees will save money on petrol or public transportation.

It’s Convenient

With cloud-based telecoms, you can be connected to the office every minute of the day if necessary – all you need is an internet connection. In fact, with Microsoft Teams you can chat, voice call and even video call to see your employees and clients face-to-us, which reduces the need to meet up at all.

Increase Productivity

Many employers fear that employees will slack off when they’re at home. However, with TRUENAV’s Call Management System (TMS) you can monitor your workers to ensure productivity. Moreover, TMS provides comprehensive reports which highlights problem areas on your business telephone account live and after the incident. In fact, TMS software may reduce your call costs by 30% when users are aware, they they’re monitored.

Employ Workers from All Over

In-office work limits you to employees from your city and even area. However, when you do business online, you’re opening yourself to a wider talent pool because you can essentially work with anyone in the world. What’s more, research found that people are more likely to consider companies that have flexible working hours, even over an attractive pay package!

A Customisable Working Environment

Whether it’s in the home office, a coffee shop or even the bed – remote work allows employees to choose an environment suited to them. This includes fewer interruptions like chatting employees, office politics, interruptions, and other noise distractions. Thus, a huge benefit for both employers and employees alike.

Fewer Sick Days

Colds, flus and even COVID can make going into the office miserable but working from home is more manageable. Employees who are mildly sick can still get work done most of the time when they’re working from home. Moreover, working from home eliminates the chances of sicknesses spreading throughout the office!

You Don’t Have to Wear A Mask!

Wearing a mask has become a staple to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Although this is important, it can become uncomfortable as it reduces airflow, causes glasses to fog up, affect speech and other inconveniences that could affect productivity in the office. This is why opting for video call meetings has become the most efficient means of communication in 2020.

How To Work From Home With TRUENAV

TRUENAV makes working from work easy and effective with PBX technology. Hence, it allows your business to make internal as well as external calls via an internet connection rather than physical lines that can get outdated and faulty. Moreover, the system also allows your organisation to have a simplified means of re-routing calls to different extensions. Whether you’re looking to move your business remotely full-time or even part-time, we will advise you with the best telecoms solution especially suited to your business’s wants and needs. Contact us today for a quote!


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