A really great brand company needs really great call solutions

A TRUE solution, improving call capabilities

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Challenges and Objectives

RGBC became an TRUENAV partner with two key objectives in mind:

1. To upgrade their old analog system and expand on it’s features.

2. To help the company digitally transform and move away from traditional, unreliable infrastructure heavy systems.

-all while reducing overheads.


Staying true to our ethos, we built our solution around the client’s needs. Understanding we were dealing with not only an older system, but older infrastructure was critical to our problem solving. TRUENAV put forward the recommendation to migrate RGBC to our unique TRUEPBX Hosted PBX solution. This solved the immediate ask to mitigate risk that comes with older infrastructure – no expensive copper line rentals. In addition, call costs were reduced heavily and the overall capabilities of their communications upgraded : a scalable system that seamlessly expands as their needs do, the ability to place and take calls remotely while on one system, management and support from anywhere and of course, something we see more and more, a system that is agnostic and vendor neutral. In the end, we provided a sound, future proof solution that expanded on the features previously had, while reducing overhead costs.

Our Ending Thought

Finding the right partner can make a complicated space, that much more simple.****Where complexities exist, you want more than just a provider; you want a support structure. Don’t assume the best path forwards is adding more products, sometimes well informed simplification is the best route to digital transformation.


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