Automating a wind farm critical support via a virtual assistant

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Wind farms are becoming a crucial part of our local power production solution. So how do we ensure these solutions get the best care no matter the time of day? One of the Western Cape’s largest wind farms has come up with an ingenious solution, with the help of TRUENAV, to address this and keep the fans turning.

The advanced management system of the turbine is connected to the virtual assistant, which is programmed to respond to various alerts based on the type of alert and severity. The virtual assistant (VA) looks at several pre-determined metrics such as type of problem, severity, and time of day and makes a call to a designated support resource. The VA can also be programmed to determine which resource is available based on pre-determined factors, like which resource works after hours or on weekends.

The VA sends the support person a text-to-speech call providing a complete description of the issue, time, and location. The VA then confirms the availability of the resource via a prompt to press of a button. Should the call not be answered, an escalation process is then followed. No matter the time, this process will ensure any support issue is registered and addressed to achieve the desired resolution time.

This solution showcases how a virtual assistant can bring together several systems and automate and enhance an essential business function, in this case, support. The VA can communicate over multiple channels, for example voice, SMS, WhatsApp, webchat, social media, and email.

The applications of the VA can significantly improve the communications process more effectively in many areas of the business where automation can improve a traditional human-managed function. Automating and contacting resources in the case of emergencies is just one example.

Remember the last time you ordered something online and missed the delivery because no one was home? That can be eliminated via the VA, that can contact the client automatically via multiple channels when the vehicle is within 30 minutes of its delivery. Based on the car’s GPS signal and an automated call from a virtual assistant contact centre, TRUENAV is implementing this with a leading national courier.

These are some of the ways TRUENAV is expanding the role of the telecommunications and internet service provider. Our consultative approach allows our team to explore how our solutions can solve business problems and enhance normal business processes. TRUENAV aims to help businesses navigate the complexities of communicating in a rapidly shifting world to data and the cloud. Never underestimate what we can do for your business by updating and simplifying your current communication systems.


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