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Hollywoodbets Kenilworth Racecourse holds a special place in the history of South African Horse Racing as the oldest racecourse in the country. Hollywoodbets and Greg Bortz have made significant investments to restore and revitalise this prestigious venue.

Cape Racing, known for its innovative approach to racing, has curated an exciting and vibrant experience at the newly revamped Hollywoodbets Kenilworth racing venue. It combines thrilling fixtures, fabulous fashion, and fun, creating an atmosphere where friends and family can enjoy themselves.

The management team at Cape Racing has been dedicated to improving the facilities—one recent upgrade involved replacing the outdated and costly PBX phone system.

The goal was to implement a modern and flexible solution that relied on something other than obsolete on-premises hardware or expensive copper lines.


It saves us money, and it works!” – Phillip Pearce (Head of IT)


Additionally, the new system needed to offer advanced features to support the entire venue.


Cape Racing opted for the “3CX in the cloud” solution due to its impressive capabilities, such as call recording, voicemail to email, and remote management.

By adopting this system, the company reduced telephony costs by up to 70% while enhancing communication and collaboration. It also improved customer interactions and customer service and simplified maintenance and administration.

TRUENAV collaborated closely with Cape Racing to understand their long-term requirements. They conducted on-site surveys and analysed the existing infrastructure to determine the most suitable solution.

The wireless infrastructure was restructured to accommodate the complete 3CX system, minimising the need for additional cabling. With extensions now available on mobile devices, more users have the convenience of mobile access, which is particularly beneficial for a venue of this size.

Having migrated to the cloud, Cape Racing’s management team is confident they will no longer experience hardware failures or lengthy system outages, which can be highly detrimental, especially on race days.

Overall, 3CX and TRUENAV provided Cape Racing with a cost-effective, flexible solution that improved communication capabilities and streamlined business operations.


Efficiency has improved as the system is scalable and flexible. Each department can now work as they please.” – Phillip Pearce (Head of IT)


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