Establishing Borderless Communication Capabilities with 3CX

Transforming Venture Workspace with Cloud Capabilities

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Venture Workspace was born out of a passion for client service, and the need for a South African-owned and operated coworking and serviced office provider. As a result they opened their first space in 2016 at the Brookside Office Park in Claremont.

After growing from strength to strength, their second space opened in December 2019 at the brand-new Constantia Emporium Mall. And exactly a year later, they followed suit with their third space at the Sanctuary Mall in Somerset West.

Their ethos is a no-nonsense, client-focused approach to coworking. Hence, they offer members a variety of tailor-made options based on flexibility, affordability, productivity, and community. Furthermore, with the revolution of work and the move away from the traditional office towards a more virtual office space, at Venture Workspace, they assist large businesses in streamlining their operations through alternative working solutions.

Challenges & Objectives:

When we partnered with Venture Workspace, it was important for us to understand how they are aiming to create a borderless experience for freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and out-of-town professionals.

Venture Workspace needed to update their system that would easily integrate into their shared workspace, and give them the ability to provide new user extensions to get fully connected. As well as, supporting their needs around flexibility and remote connectivity as their system was outdated and relied on allocated work spaces.


Acknowledging that agility was the primary focus having a direct impact on the experience they were looking to provide their clients.

The objective was clear, we needed to align their communication capabilities with their business offering enabling them to provide the ideal experience.

We recommended the innovative 3CX system, to create a decentralised workspace that enables a highly remote working practice to maintain connected for communications.

With the 3CX cloud-based system, agility was no longer a problem for Venture Workspace, as they were not locked to hardware capabilities that would not scale as their capacity did. Allowing their customers to fully enjoy a virtual workspace through the platform’s mobile app to maintain connectivity.

Quick Note / Take Out:

Finally, Venture Workspace had a solution that spoke to the remote working style of their clients and offering, allowing for borderless possibilities.


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