Hosted PBX: How it works & what you get

Do you want to improve your business telecommunications without breaking the bank?

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Do you want to improve your business telecommunications without breaking the bank? PBX might be the answer you’re looking for. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within a company or organisation. TRUENAV offers a hosted PBX that is tailor-made to your business requirements. This cloud-based PBX works with our free flagship service TRUEPBX. Whether you have a small or large organisation, you can improve your telecommunications with our advanced hosted PBX solutions.

What is Hosted PBX?

TRUENAV offers a Private Branch Exchange or ‘PBX’ which is delivered as a private, hosted service. We regard this as a ‘virtual PBX’ as it operates through our cloud-services. These cloud-based services refer to a model of digital data storage. In layman’s terms, Hosted PBX operates through a digital sphere rather than primarily relying on traditional hardware. This virtual solution means savings in both costs and admin as traditional hardware can require maintenance and hefty setup costs. PBX combines several external lines (PSTN) and internal extension, and a great benefit of this set up includes free internal extension calls. Internal extension users can call each other at no charge by dialling the allocated extension number while not using an external line. This also manages the shared use of the external lines with the extension users.


TRUEPBX is TRUENAV’s flagship brand of a high-quality VoIP and Free Business Hosted PBX service. We offer professional voice over IP services through our dealer network as well as to end-users. Business customers can connect to the service using their own devices e.g. softphone, Smart Phone or IP phone. Alternatively, uVoice provides a range of devices from Yealink, Gigaset, RTX, NEC or Zoiper on cash or rental basis. Whether you’re a small organisation with three extensions or a large corporation with thousands of phones around the country, we tailor TRUEPBX to suit your business needs. What’s more is that you get this service free of charge! (yes, you read correctly). This is because the TRUEPBX Free Business Hosted PBX enables customers to procure the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PABX hardware. It’s important to keep up with the times especially in the corporate world, our advanced PBX gives this to you without breaking the bank. To achieve this, TRUEPBX acts a monthly subscription. We give you a range of different services for free such as itemised per second billing report, PC and Smartphone Softphone application, hotdesking and more. Thereafter, you choose optional services that are specific to your organisation’s needs and requirements, so you only pay for what your business needs. Because TRUEPBX services work on a month-to-month basis, you can easily upgrade or downgrade whenever you like! So, should your business grow, you’ll be able to customise your subscription – this means that we grow with you and adapt to your business’s needs! Are you ready to improve your businesses outdated telecommunications yet? Contact TRUENAV today and we’ll give you more information!


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