How 3CX Integration Capabilities Enabled a Partner to Optimise and Go Cloud Based.

Optimising, Integrating, and going Cloud with 3CX

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Challenges and Objectives

We were on the search for a working relationship in which we had two main objectives in mind. First and foremost, we were looking for someone that could help establish a cloud based PBX that provided them with the necessary support and technical expertise.

Secondly, we wanted to move go2Africa’s telephony system off-site and into the cloud, knowing a greater challenge lay ahead as we needed this solution to seamlessly integrate into their hubspot CRM system so they could maintain full utility.


We engaged with go2Africa multiple times to fully understand their challenges and problems before diagnosing a viable solution. It immediately became evident that this wasn’t a one size fits all approach, but rather one that was specific to what their needs were.

Their requirements were the following. They wanted their sales consultants to have full visibility of the customer information when calls came into the CRM system. They wanted to move away from a fixed PBX system whilst achieving their desired capabilities. We were able to deliver on this by taking them to the cloud, integrating 3CX to ensure the identified requirements were met.

“TRUENAV went above and beyond to make sure they could future proof the concept for us and ensure the system was a good fit.”

With the need of scheduled meetings and installation dates we developed a pre-installation workshop plan to align and minimise disruption.

A Quick Note on 3CX Systems and TRUENAV

“It was a great experience working with such a dedicated team that provides the support and skills we have so dearly wanted. I really believe TRUENAV has a great product with 3CX that we could help the market with. “


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