How Call Management Can Reduce Company Call Costs

Reducing your company’s cost per call doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer service quality.

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Reducing your company’s cost per call doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer service quality. Follow our comprehensive tips for reducing cost per call in your business or call centre.

Call monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing telecommunication solutions at TRUENAV is that we enable you to track all calls. To maximise your savings, you or your management staff can check in to monitor live calls as well as access your staff’s call performance.

However, to ensure efficiency and effectivity, monitoring must be done consistently by managers. Making sure your team is providing top-notch service to their customers is essential in reducing cost per call – and call monitoring is the best tool to accomplish at work or even at your call centre.

Hire, Train & Coach Staff

Another easy way to decrease cost per call as well as increase your customer service quality is by hiring employees with sufficient knowledge, training and resources to properly address all your customer’s needs.

Therefore, you must hire employees who are suitable for the position, train them to excel as well as give them valuable feedback. A good team of employees or call centre agents will help to improve first call resolution, decrease handle time and increase customer service quality (which reduces the number of escalated calls to management and call-backs about recurring issues) – all of which contribute to decreasing cost per call.

Integrated Call Centre Software

It must also be noted that recruiting the best employees in the world is pointless when they do not have access to the right telecom’s software. In order for your team to perform optimally, you have to enable them with the correct tools in order for them to excel and grow your business.

What’s more, your staff will not need to dig through multiple systems just to find specific information. With the ability to open, close and edit data and cases in integrated business tools from the call centre software interface, agents will spend less time on the phone updating systems with relevant information and more time doing what they do best. Hence, integrated call centre software is one of the best investments for your telecoms staff.

Utilise Business Tools

When it comes to telecoms, it is important to have the right solution for your company’s needs and requirements. There is no point in getting the best telecoms for large corporations, when your small, boutique business requires a more specific telecoms solution to enable its growth.

By utilising tools like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), your telecoms employees or call centre agents can reduce their cost per call by as much as 35%. This is because CTI increases one’s capability to meet the caller’s needs and eliminates inefficient workflow as the phone dial pad is right where it should be – next to the caller’s data.

Another benefit of CTI is that it expedites the caller verification process which can save time in the long run. With CTI and other helpful call centre software features, your employees will spend less time on the phone with the caller verifying their identity and going back and forth between their phone and customer data. Hence, decreasing handle time AND increasing customer service quality and lower cost per call.

Call Back from Queue

In addition to equipping your agents with the most effective telecoms software solutions, it is also important for managers ensure that the team utilises software to its best ability. When software and telecoms solutions are used optimally, your cost per call should reduce significantly.

TRUENAV offers a feature to call back customers from queue. The best part about this feature is that it not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also reduces cost per call as it decreases the number of callers waiting in a queue. Hence, telephony, trunk costs and staffing all decrease.

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