How Microsoft Teams Can Improve Your Businesses

Staying relevant with communicative technology is important for all thriving businesses and organisations.

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Staying relevant with communicative technology is important for all thriving businesses and organisations. More businesses are migrating to Microsoft Teams solutions to improve productivity and contribute to a more efficient workspace.

If you’re unsure, keep reading and we’ll break down all the ways Microsoft Teams will improve your business telecoms.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that assists businesses and organisations in workspace collaboration including chat and video conferencing, file storage and application integration. In fact, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this software has become an essential part of the business world as it enables employees to work from anywhere – even home!

How Can It Improve Your Business

Centralised Control

When your business operates through Microsoft Teams, you and your managers will have centralized control at a click of a button. Because data and voice are integrated on a single platform, you can track your employee’s performance to ensure quality control in your workspace. What’s more, is that you can extend your business’ voice platform across a global WAN.

Seamless Migration to The Cloud

Teams operates through the cloud and migration is quick and easy. You are also able to retain your existing Geographical business contact number by porting into the TRUEPBX network.

Effective Communication in Real-Time

This software makes meeting and communicating much simpler as all your collaboration including chats, online meetings, shared files, tasks available in one single app and one single interface. Furthermore, unified communication enhances productivity by preventing wasted time on useless conversations and more on specific work-related content.

Save Money by Connecting Own Devices

At TRUENAV, you don’t have to waste money on expensive hardware that can quickly become faulty or irrelevant. Our Microsoft Teams solutions are supported by Windows, Mac, as well as iOS and Android – all you need is a stable internet connection and a device running the Teams App.

Work Anywhere – Even At Home!

Because all communications are online, your employees can work from anywhere – whether it’s across the globe or at home. This is especially valuable for businesses during unpredictable lockdown situations.

TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams

At TRUENAV, our Teams software works through our flagship brand called ‘TRUEPBX’. This solution allows you to connect your own PSTN with TRUENAVs TRUEPBX Direct Routing seamlessly for easy and affordable telecommunications. What’s more, this solution is available on a monthly subscription – no additional contracts or hidden fees involved.

Where to Get Microsoft Teams Solutions

Ready to improve your business communications solutions? Call TRUENAV today and we’ll offer you a free quote on TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for your business or organisation.


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