Key Communication Trends in 2023

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The shift towards cloud-based solutions among South African businesses continuously intensifies as these organisations recognise the advantages of enhanced effectiveness, augmented productivity, and tools for building stronger customer relationships. This shift has empowered local companies to utilise omnichannel communication and comprehensive business system integration to increase customer engagement and internal efficiencies.

Some trends include a surge in cloud adoption, elimination of isolated systems, mobile-centric strategies, automation, and cloud security. These trends are expected to gain even more traction through 2023, with several emerging trends also gaining attention, such as:

Cloud-based communications

Many businesses know the perks of migrating their communication systems to the cloud, such as heightened efficiency, improved productivity, and immediate cost reduction. A cloud-based setup enables employees to work flexibly from anywhere and through any device while using multiple communication channels.  TRUENAV offers bespoke TRUEPBX solutions allowing small to medium businesses a quick and easy cloud-based solution with 247 support.

Increased focus on cloud security

South Africa, one of the prime targets for cyberattacks globally, has compelled local organisations to bolster security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, content filtering, and employee awareness programs. It’s essential to consider the impact such threats can have on an organisation’s converged communications, as interruptions can affect all business areas.


Several communication systems remain scattered, leading to an inefficient user experience. Today, businesses of all scales increasingly seek a single platform that enables unified communication across various channels. This shift is crucial for providing more customised customer engagements. TRUENAV offers several such solutions, with 3CX leading the way. 

Integrated systems

Many South African organisations have adopted Unified Communication (UC) platforms like Microsoft Teams for their knowledge workforce. However, most operational workers still depend on a more basic, cost-effective PBX extension, which often doesn’t synchronise with these systems. TRUENAV assists by facilitating migration to the cloud. Through our consultative approach, we understand the end goal of our client’s requirements and ensure we achieve these. No two businesses are the same. This approach is vital. 

Enhanced customer interactions 

Digital customer interactions via webchat are growing in popularity, prompting organisations to modify their interaction methods. The younger demographic focuses more on self-service and digital interactions. TRUENAV provides 3CX with WhatsApp and website chat build in, allowing businesses to roll this out as part of their communications strategy. So they can take a potential lead from a website chat to a telephone/video call and conclude by providing feedback over WhatsApp or SMS, all on the fly with a few clicks in the app.  

Not all organisations have the resources to invest in sophisticated omnichannel systems. Nevertheless, a good customer experience should not be exclusive to large organisations.

At TRUENAV, we are dedicated to revolutionising communication in South Africa. Our tailored telephony solutions bring efficiency, security, and cost savings to organisations. 

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