PBX In The Cloud - An Overview Of TRUEPBX

So you’ve heard the term ‘private branch exchange’ (PBX) and are familiar with how businesses internally and externally communicate using telephony systems.

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So you’ve heard the term ‘private branch exchange’ (PBX) and are familiar with how businesses internally and externally communicate using telephony systems. But with the introduction of the cloud and the fast development of the telecoms industry, how is business communications keeping up to date? Private branch exchange (PBX) has been around for decades, whether it be small telephone systems to large private branch exchanges, businesses have made use of private communication channels to improve overall communication. However, with issues such as difficulty in being able to switch systems, being locked into a specific vendor or even being constricted to a certain number of phone lines, the system can become less effective to business communications over time. We’ve put together an overview of TRUEPBX.


With the use of a data network hosted through the Internet, a hosted PBX enables customers to utilise the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional hardware. This means connectivity and reachability are improved with the opportunity for unlimited growth, flexibility and ultimately cuts repairs and calling costs with less hardware.


Transitioning from a traditional system to a new one may take some time, but there are many benefits to making the switch, not to mention keeping your business up to date with the latest technology. Here are just some of the many reasons your business needs to upgrade to a hosted PBX.

  • Low capital outlay
  • Pay as your business grows
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Move offices with ease and keep your number
  • Lower call rates
  • Access to the latest technology at all times
  • System redundancy

With hundreds of hosted PBX options out there, why should your business choose TRUENAV’s flagship brand, TRUEPBX?


****TRUEPBX is TRUENAV’s brand of high-quality voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and hosted PBX services which runs on a redundant platform in a data centre in Mowbray, Cape Town with points of presence throughout South Africa. TRUEPBX is an all-encompassing solution to your business’s telecoms needs and has been helping businesses remain at the forefront of industry innovation for over a decade. The TRUEPBX Hosted PBX free of charge. It costs nothing to create a VoIP account and the extensions are free of charge. There are chargeable optional extras like call recording, audio conferencing and smart access numbers.


  • Hosted on a redundant platform for stability
  • Supports most devices such as iPhones and softphones
  • Free 087 number
  • No long contracts – available month to month
  • Support for all traditional PBX features
  • Free VoIP accounts
  • Competitive call rates
  • Rapid number porting from current Telco provider
  • Free extensions
  • Wide range of connectivity types e.g. Wireless, Fibre, Microwave and LTE

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