Telkom ADSL copper shutdown – Meet The Next Best Thing

Telkom has announced that it is withdrawing its prepaid fixed copper-line service after migrating 96% of these customers to wireless products.

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Telkom has announced that it is withdrawing its prepaid fixed copper-line service after migrating 96% of these customers to wireless products. Today, wireless technology has been proven to be more reliable than copper infrastructure (which are easily impacted by adverse weather conditions and cable theft in South Africa). Now, thousands of South African businesses fear going without internet connectivity and phone lines to keep their business going. Don’t panic yet! Keep reading to learn more about Telkom’s strategy to eliminate copper-line connectivity and our solution to keep your business running efficiently and affordably.

Alternative Solutions

Wondering how South African businesses will manage without copper-line connectivity? See below for Telkom’s strategy to migrate voice and DSL customers to LTE and fibre-based services.


Because Telkom shut down its copper-based prepaid voice service, it will now target their post-paid fixed-line segment. According to the company, they are actively migrating post-paid voice to fixed wireless and fibre-based platforms through specialised SmartVoice offerings. These SmartVoice packages are similar to the FreeMe mobile packages and include an entire range of SmartVoice products with included minutes, data, and free on-net calls.

Fibre packages

Instead of copper lines, ADSL and VDSL subscribers will be migrated to fibre packages – but only in areas where there is fibre network infrastructure. However, Telkom is working on completing transitioning copper-to-fibre migration nationally.


It might be difficult to migrate DSL users who are not based in areas with fibre networks. So, Telkom is offering LTE deals which function similarly to existing DSL connections. Although, these LTE deals have new price points and benefits for capped consumers. However, this may include limiting the speed of the LTE connection to the same level as their DSL line, but offering uncapped data for the same price.

What TRUENAV Offers

The good news is that TRUENAV is offering businesses the next best alternative to Telkom’s phone lines and ADSL services. Our non-copper dependant PBX solutions like VoIP PBX is cloud-based! This means that you gain reliable connectivity through the internet rather than hardware that becomes outdated and faulty quickly. Not only does this save you money, it allows you and your employees to be connected to your business anytime, anywhere – whether it’s in another city or even in their homes. Another huge benefit of the cloud PBX service is that it works over licenced microwave, fibre networks and even LTE! Hence, your business can easily replace it’s existing Telkom copper phone lines and PBX with a cloud-based PBX and even save you money in the process!

More About PBX

At TRUENAV we use TRUEPBX, our flagship brand of a high-quality VoIP and Free Business Hosted PBX services. We offer professional voice over IP services through our dealer network as well as to end-users. The best part? TRUEPBX is FREE. This is because the TRUEPBX Free Business Hosted PBX enables customers to procure the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PABX hardware. It’s important to keep up with the ever-changing times, especially in the corporate world, our advanced PBX enables you with a reliable alternative to copper-line connectivity without costing you an arm and a leg. In fact, TRUEPBX acts as a monthly subscription to save you money. We give you a range of different services for free such as itemised per second billing report, PC and Smartphone Softphone application, hotdesking and more. Thereafter, you choose optional services that are specific to your organisation’s needs and requirements, so you only pay for what your business needs. Thereafter, you can upgrade or downgrade on a monthly basis according to the growth of your company. Are you ready to take the leap into telecommunication advancement? Contact TRUENAV today and we’ll give you a free quote!


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