Telkom Terminates Fixed-line Copper Services

Telkom is moving its network services from outdated fixed-line copper infrastructure into the wireless realm.

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Telkom is moving its network services from outdated fixed-line copper infrastructure into the wireless realm. But is the move with Telkom the right choice for you? TRUENAV are professionals in telecommunications and we pride ourselves in offering advanced telephony services using different transmission mediums. With over 20 years of experience, we offer services that are reliable and that will keep your business on par with the latest technology. Interested to learn more? See what these changes mean for your business and why you should choose a trusted provider like TRUENAV.

What’s the difference?

One of the many benefits of the digital sphere is that it’s safer and more reliable than copper fixed-line technology. Physical infrastructure is more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and cable theft. It is also less susceptible to interruptions, malfunctioning and can be much more competitive in pricing. Worried about losing your Telkom contact number? Don’t be, at TRUENAV, we do number porting into our systems and allow business continuity so there is no risk of losing your Telkom number.

What this means for the Telkom customer

According to the telecommunication giant, Telkom will discontinue its legacy of copper-based fixed-line prepaid service platform. Since 2015, Telkom has been slowly making the move from copper line technology to modern wireless lines. This is a good thing for consumers as it broadens Telkom’s digital economy and increase’s reach by allowing more people to gain access to these modern telecommunication services. We see more and more telecom service providers are trying to catch up with the latest telecoms technology and subsequently slowly discarding old and outdated technology. As much as moving forward is a positive change for Telkom, this may also pose some threats for you as the customer. These services are relatively new to the telecoms company, and with a huge client base, we can expect to see longer downtime, technical problems and customer service shortfalls. The new and unstable nature of this may cause some complications, especially in the beginning. This is common for not only Telkom but other telecommunication’s organisations of that size as well.

Why choose TRUENAV

At TRUENAV, we have over 20 years experience in IT and Telecoms under our belt – by now, we’re experts at it! TRUENAV helps you stay connected! We offer great solutions and services that will not only replace Telkom’s copper cables services but improve it as well! This means that your telecoms devices and network will stay relevant and you don’t have to worry about upgrades that Telkom may require once copper lines become redundant. Worried about downtime? Don’t be! TRUENAV offers quick and swift migration. We guarantee minimum downtime so that your business’s telecoms can be up and running in no time! Our services are strictly based on your business or organisations needs and requirements. That’s right, we tailor-make a solution for you! Want to learn more? Give us a call and we’ll give you a free quotation!


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