The Benefits of Implementing XCALLY Omni-Channel for Your Call Centre

Using a single channel to reach out or interact with customers and clients is an insufficient strategy.

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Using a single channel to reach out or interact with customers and clients is an insufficient strategy. Years of research show that it is impractical and no longer enough. Stats currently show that 50 BILLION devices will be Internet-connected by the year 2020. That’s more than 6.5 times the amount of people and potential clients on the planet. TRUENAV believes that the best way to keep up with this expansion is by installing a unique and efficient omni-channel.

What is an Omni-Channel?

Omni-channel broadly refers to the ways that customers and organisations can interact. Each organisation must formulate their specific omni-channel definition in order to create a strategy for managing the omni-channel experience. With technology and business, you can often guess that something is still new when you can’t find one agreed upon way to spell it. Ecommerce, eCommerce, e-commerce – remember those days? That was Omni-Channel just a few years ago and even though there is no unanimous way to spell it, breathe easy – it has become a lot easier to understand!

Omni-Channel vs Multi-Channel

Indeed all omni-channel experiences will use multiple channels, but not all multi-channel experiences are omni-channel. For instance, many companies have amazing mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website. But, if they are not interlinked – they are not using an omni-channel. As a result, those companies are investing and losing money due to a simple misconception that ‘multi’ and ‘omni’ perform exactly the same function. They do not.

What Are the Features and Benefits of an Omni-Channel?

All Omni-Channels are Multichannel’s

We think of it as a hand that unites or clenches to form a fist. A fist that knocks miscommunication out of your call centre. Unified communications integrate multiple communication tools such as voice, mobile, SMS and social media for the ultimate converged solution. Effective customer engagement is the number one priority. Opening up all the channels of communication with your customers and proactively being a part of the dialogue is the first step towards customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. This can only be done via an omni-channel.

Contact Management

This feature enables your company to track a customer’s journey across all channels. This information will track the customer’s journey and in turn what an individual client may want – or what the collective needs.

Interactive Motion Phone Bar

Agents can log in to their queues, manage multiple programs and perform different tasks depending on the call centre’s immediate and future needs.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time panels allow you and managerial staff to monitor your agent’s performances, call record, call quality and length. This data is valuable on its own but moreover, it then enables you to make informed changes based on the company’s needs and requirements. In like manner, real-time monitoring is a great way to monitor call costs and limit the usage of company lines for non-business related calls. This, in turn, minimises distractions and pushes productivity. Real-time Monitoring often has a much needed Big Brother effect.

Automation and Triggers

Automated triggers allow you to automate and set system reactions according to previously defined timing and actions.


An automatic outbound dialer helps you to increase productivity and maximise your agents talk time with Preview, Power, Progressive or Predictive (P4) dialling. No time is wasted manually dialling numbers. Auto-Diallers can be used with or to regulate various systems like; call back applications, reminders, automatic surveys and telemarketing.

Cloud Computing

Replace physical infrastructure with internet-based remote servers that can store your data offsite and run mission-critical business processes! Uniquely, Cloud Computing has always been the safest and least expensive way to secure your company’s data and records. We at TRUENAV can vouch for this too!


XCALLY is an innovative omni-channel platform that manages voice, email, chat, SMS, fax and social media. The solution is one of the best all-in-one Contact Management platforms on the market. What does this mean for TRUENAV’s clients? Simply put, our omni-channel solutions and software are easy to install, setup and use. Need more information on Omni-Channels, VoIP and other simplistic communicative services? For all your interactive call centre needs and queries, contact TRUENAV today.


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