The four pillars of great customer service

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Providing great customer service is more than just resolving customer issues and closing support tickets. In today’s business landscape, customer service has become a strategic function for companies across industries. The ability to provide excellent support can help retain customers, enhance brand reputation, and create a competitive advantage. In this blog post, we’ll explore the four pillars of great customer service, including connecting customers to the broader business, offering support on every channel, upgrading your telecoms system, and developing your team’s soft and hard skills.

Pillar 1: Connect your customers to the broader business

Connecting customer service to the broader business is an essential pillar of great customer service. When customer service is integrated with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, it provides a complete view of a customer’s interactions with the company. This way, agents can quickly access all relevant data, demographics, order history, and preferences to assist customers. A connected CRM system allows agents to provide personalised service, making customers feel valued and heard. It also empowers agents to solve customer problems more efficiently, resulting in faster resolutions and fewer customer frustrations.

Pillar 2: Offer support on every channel

Today’s customers expect support on every channel, including voice, mobile, social media, email, self-service, chatbots, and video. By offering support on every channel, companies can meet customer expectations for fast, convenient, and high-quality support. Providing a seamless experience across all channels enhances the customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates. Offering support on multiple channels also allows companies to meet customers where they are, giving them flexibility and choice.

Pillar 3: Upgrade your telecoms system

Upgrading your telecoms system is an excellent way to enhance your customer service efforts. A high-quality telecoms system allows your team to communicate across various channels seamlessly. It also allows your team to respond quickly to customer inquiries through voice, mobile, social media, email, self-service, chatbots, and video. This fast and efficient communication meets customer expectations for quality support, increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Pillar 4: Develop your teams’ soft and hard skills

Developing your team’s soft and hard skills is crucial to delivering great customer service. Soft skills, including interpersonal skills and empathy, are essential for creating a positive customer experience. Interpersonal skills involve the ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with customers. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Both skills are critical for making customers feel valued and heard. Hard skills, including product knowledge and technical knowledge, are also important for delivering quality customer service. Ensuring your team is up-to-date on the latest product releases and has the technical knowledge necessary to resolve issues quickly and efficiently is essential for providing exceptional support.

In conclusion, great customer service is critical for retaining customers and enhancing brand reputation. By investing in these four pillars, companies can provide exceptional support that meets customer expectations and creates a competitive advantage. Visit to find out how our telecoms system can help your team effectively manage customer relationships.


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