The Impact of Missed Calls On Your Business

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If you’re like most owners, you may not consider missed business calls as a significant issue. While it is never ideal, it happens, and with the emphasis on digital communication, it’s easy to believe that phone calls don’t matter that much. After all, email and social media work for many businesses. However, the statistics show a different reality. In fact, unanswered calls are more significant than we think. Consider this: 80% of all business communications occur over the phone. This is why having a plan in place for missed calls is critical. According to Forbes, poor customer service cost businesses approximately $75 Billion. The good news is that you can do something about missed calls and improve your company’s profitability at the same time.

Although missed calls can happen for various reasons, customers still rely on the phone as their primary means to get quick assistance and support. Customers find missed calls frustrating because it impedes their productivity, which can be particularly problematic if the issue is time-sensitive. From a business perspective, missed calls result in lost profits. Failing to answer calls means missed opportunities for sales, and a missed connection could mean a missed sale. It’s essential to ensure that every call is answered to maximise revenue potential.

There are various reasons why businesses may miss incoming calls, such as:

  • Being understaffed and unable to handle the workload
  • Prioritising other customer service tasks over answering the phone
  • Emphasising digital channels instead of phone communication
  • Lacking the necessary technology to provide adequate phone support
  • Employees being unavailable or away from their phones
  • Depending on voicemail or other phone technology to relay messages

So, how do businesses fix the unanswered call problem?

There are several steps that businesses can take to fix the unanswered call problem including:

**Analysing call sources:**Determine what number customers are calling and how they are finding it. This information can help manage inbound calls by creating dedicated numbers for specific purposes like marketing campaigns, sales, or support.

Analysing call volume and frequency: Determine when most calls come in and how often. Map out calling procedures and determine how to manage calls when someone calls in. Options include forwarding, messaging, or immediate support.

Prioritising call answering: Making call answering a top priority is crucial for any business that values good customer service. To achieve this, it’s important to implement procedures that ensure calls are answered promptly and professionally. One way to do this is by checking whether your existing telecoms system has the capability to forward important business calls to mobile phones. By doing this, you can ensure that calls are never missed, even if your employees are away from their desks. This can also help to provide a more flexible work environment, as employees can still answer important calls while on the go.

Evaluating your existing phone system: When addressing the issue of unanswered calls, it’s important to evaluate your current phone system. Take into account factors such as the number of staff members and your technology’s capabilities to handle call volume. This decision should be based on call sources, frequency, and processes. To ensure that your system can meet the needs of your growing business, consider implementing a phone system that can efficiently manage all customer engagements on a single platform and has the capability to scale up as your business expands.

Providing training and support: Ensure that your staff is well-trained and supported with the right technology and processes to handle calls efficiently and effectively. Regular training and monitoring can help identify and address any issues before they become bigger problems.

Ultimately, businesses that take steps to address missed calls can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while boosting their bottom line. By providing excellent customer service and ensuring that every call is answered, businesses can stand out from their competitors and establish themselves as a reliable and trustworthy company. To revolutionise your business communication, consider exploring the services provided


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