The TRUENAV Elgin Free Range Chickens Partnership - an infrastructural solution

A smart solution that has the capabilities to expand as they scale through TRUEPBX some good alt text

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Challenges and Objectives

When we partnered with Elgin Free Range Chickens our first goal was to properly understand their issues. This wasn’t your typical “we need to upgrade” scenario and was more an infrastructural, macro environment based problem – this is to say completely out of their control.

Set up on unreliable copper lines, Elgin Free Range Chickens was experiencing frequent breakages and electrical surges damaging their existing hardware. The hardware itself was an older analog system, with poor audio quality and no warranty – the hardware had been discontinued.


By understanding the infrastructural issues first, we knew our solution had to transcend threats outside of Elgin Free Range Chickens’s control. We needed a system that was not only decentralised in function, but also in operation – phones had to have the ability to work from anywhere in the country.

So Darryl, our chief lateral thinker, took a hands-on approach and migrated Elgin Free Range Chickens onto our TRUENAV, TRUEPBX Hosted PBX system.

Our partner now had a more robust channel, safer from external threats. Dependency on old, unreliable copper pipes was completely removed. We shifted functionality to the cloud, reducing call costs and eliminating expensive line rentals. Audio quality was improved with newer more modern handsets. And in the end, leaving Elgin Free Range Chickens with a smart solution that has the capabilities to expand as they scale.

A Quick Note on PBX Systems

Sometimes the best solution is one that subtracts, not adds. It’s natural for us to assume the best way to improve something is by building onto it, but more often that not this leads to redundant, archaic tech and systems being paid for, that deliver no value and have next to no use.

Never assume upgrading your system results in more overheads and complex operations.

Find a partner who provides a solution specific to your business,
not a solution that simply gets strapped on.


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