Top 4 Ways To Minimise The Risk Of Toll Fraud

It is important to have a secure network as the repercussions to an open network include vulnerability to toll fraud. In turn, this could cost users a lot of money.

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It is important to have a secure network as the repercussions to an open network include vulnerability to toll fraud. In turn, this could cost users a lot of money. At TRUENAV, we ensure that your network is thoroughly protected so that you don’t have to worry. Thankfully, with TRUENAV and TRUEPBX, we have implemented a few tools that significantly minimises your risk of Toll Fraud –

What Is Toll Fraud?

Toll Fraud refers to the unauthorised breach of cybersecurity, this results in the (unauthorised) user to have access to the functionality and information of other accounts. This can pose a lot of security risks for other users as well as the company at large. At TRUENAV, we believe that good telecommunications management should be part of the solution to mitigate the risk of toll fraud. There are many different toll fraud schemes such as IRSF. International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) is a scheme where hackers artificially generate high volume international calls via expensive routes and take a cut of the generated revenue from these premium-rate calls. This number has only increased in recent years with the adoption of VOIP and communications APIs that make it easy to place international calls. Toll fraud can sometimes go unnoticed until it is too late. However, we believe that it is our duty to be part of the solution to mitigate the risk of toll fraud in order to ensure good telecommunications management.

Secure Local Network

At uThetha Telecoms, we use the latest technology to ensure that your local network is safe and secure so that you can rest assured! We use a secure IP PBX through the Windows Server that works alongside a firewall to ensure thorough protection. Although toll fraud can be very difficult to detect, we believe in taking precautions to safeguard your network. We look out for unusual activity and atypical activity that could impose channel limitations, which can limit the damage by subsequently reducing the number of concurrent calls made from an individual PBX. What’s more, we also implore minimised visibility. We manage your firewall and reduce ports exposed to remote access so that your server has a strong guard against hacking attacks. Therefore, minimising access points makes your PBX more secure.

Blocking High-Risk Destinations

All our telecommunications solutions can be altered to your organisation needs. Should you wish, you can easily block _all_or certain international numbers. Some of the top countries for known for toll fraud include Gambia (+220), Sierra Leone (+232), Somalia (+252), Guinea (+224), and Latvia (+371). Cuba, Timor-Leste and Lithuania are also hot spots for toll fraud termination. Furthermore, we encourage businesses to block certain international country prefixes unless necessary. This can reduce your risk drastically.

Fail2ban Security To Prevent Toll Fraud

TRUENAV employs Fail2ban technology that scans log files and immediately bans IPs that show any suspicious signs. This includes flagging too many password failures and other behaviours such as seeking for exploits- among other unusual activity. Fail2ban also works alongside your firewall by updating it and rejecting suspicious IP addresses for a certain amount of time. Furthermore, it comes with filters for various services such as apache, courier, ssh and so much more. Thereby protecting your data and preventing brute force attacks that could potentially compromise the PBX connection.

TRUENAV Account Management

We offer real-time monitoring which ultimately allows your managerial staff to monitor your agent’s performances, call record, quality and length. Through this method, you know just how much you’re using. This advantage also allows you to monitor call costs and limit the usage of company lines for non-business-related calls. Not only does this save your organisation from external hacking, but it boosts productivity within your business due to the ‘big brother effect’. Furthermore, with our TRUEPBX services, your organisation can set-up monthly subscriptions and limits. This ensures that you only pay for what your budget allows. So, our call cost limit will automatically stop accounts that have been compromised. However, these limitations may be extended any time should your organisation size increase or decrease. But this process is secure as it can only be done via your authorisation. For safe and secure telecommunications, choose TRUENAV so that you can rest easy. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll cater to your organisation requirements!


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