Top 5 Benefits of Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Cloud technology enables the delivery of servers, databases, networks, storage and much more through the internet.

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TRUENAV provides exceptional cloud-based computing technology. Cloud technology enables the delivery of servers, databases, networks, storage and much more through the internet. Therefore, it does not require the business to own extra hardware and is thus extremely cost-effective. TRUENAV pairs PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems with cloud-based technology called TRUEPBX. This system is telephonic based and combines several external lines (PTSN) with internal extensions. This connection allows for effective communication. The pairing also allows operations to be more flexible, faster and cost-effective. Here are some benefits to moving your business to the cloud:

1. Ease Of Use With Hosted PBX:

Hosted PBX works with data networking that operates through the cloud. Hence, it does not require additional expensive hardware. This means that your business is able to work with both traditional landline telecommunication as well as a smartphone connection. Cloud PBX works with multiple different types of internet connectivity e.g. wireless, fibre, Microwave and LTE. TRUENAV only charges for your business requirements. Whether it be small institutions like schools with three extensions or multinational corporations with thousands of phones, you only pay for what your business requires.

2. Go Mobile With The Cloud:

The cloud supports most devices such as iPhones and any Softphone. This means that you can conveniently access your business from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. Because hosted PBX works with the cloud rather than only landline operations, your business contact details can remain the same should you wish to move or grow your business elsewhere.

3. Cost Effectiveness:

As hosted PBX works with cloud technology, it does not require businesses to purchase heavy machinery which can be very costly and often require constant and expensive maintenance. TRUENAV offers a hosted PBX for FREE, we call this service TRUEPBX. You only pay for services that fit your business requirements. This means that you don’t pay extra for services that you don’t use. In addition, telephone management software allows costs to be easily monitored and centrally managed remotely or on site. Lastly, we charge calls at competitive call ratings.

4. Grow Your Business With TRUENAV:

TRUENAV charges on a month-to-month basis, making it easier and quicker to increase service subscriptions. Should you wish to increase your number of subscriptions, there are no extra costs, technology or lengthy contracts required. uThetha Telecoms offers a free 087 number and promises quick and efficient support as you need it

5. Storage On The Cloud:

TRUENAV offers system redundancy. This refers to storing and managing data that you want your cloud PBX to hold. All calls have receipts which are stored on your cloud and is backed up regularly. Should your system crash, little to no information will be lost. Cloud-based storage is also far safer than hardware-based storage. It takes away the risk that comes with hardware becoming faulty, outdated, lost, stolen or damaged. Because data is stored on the cloud rather than on hardware, you have more space both in the office as well as in the size of data storage. Are you interested in switching to a hosted PBX? Contact us today for more information!


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