Top Benefits of TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Routing

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams with our TRUEPBX hosted PBX

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TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing enables businesses with Microsoft Teams unified communication and collaboration platform to enable external calling for both inbound and outbound calls like a traditional PBX system without the need of an actual PBX while allowing the organisation to benefit from our competitive TRUEPBX Call rates. It is no wonder it has become so popular within workspaces worldwide!

Keep reading for our top benefits of TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing!

Connect Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

With TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you can connect with any device, anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection and a device running the Microsoft Teams App. Whether your employees are working from home or even traveling across the country – valuable working hours does not have to be sacrificed!

Additionally, Teams is supported by Windows, Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

Quality Customer Experience

A quality customer experience is critical to the success and growth of any business. With TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, your employees will be able to answer any customer enquiries quicker and more efficiently when they’re able receive calls from anywhere and on any device without having to switch between applications.

Additionally, if customers or partners need to interact with your business through Teams in other ways (such as sending a message or share files), then adding the calling function makes the experience even more professional and seamless.


TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is much more affordable and competitively priced than other Calling Plans. TRUENAV also charges user-per-month and not on a contract bases, so you’ll be able to monitor and adjust your telecoms expenditure on a monthly basis.

Seamless Migration to The Cloud

Microsoft Teams is a completely cloud-based solution, and the migration is quick and easy! You are also able to retain your existing Geographical business number by porting into the TRUEPBX network.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Interested in TRUPBX Microsoft Team Direct Routing but not sure about committing to a Microsoft Teams solution? Take a look at some of our top benefits:

Productive Communication in Real Time

Communication is key in any successful business and Microsoft Teams certainly fosters targeted and fast communication amongst employees as it allows for real-time calling AND chat.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams increases productivity by making all your collaboration including conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files, tasks available in one single app and one single interface. Hence, preventing wasted time on useless conversations and more on specific work-related content. In fact, because of the integration of Office 365, there is no need to switch apps when you collaborate on a document. Simply create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document in Teams, live share it with employees and they’ll be able to collaborate on the project in real-time. Moreover, you can add comments and to-dos, and chat with employees to discuss the document live.

Fewer Emails

Navigating through hundreds of emails and threads can be time consuming and confusing. With Microsoft Teams, conversations are stream-lined, and you no longer have to look through email after email (often sent as ‘reply all’).

In fact, with Teams, you don’t have to worry about who to CC in an email or who to invite to a meeting. Simply post a message in the relevant channel, @-mention the people who you want notified and everyone else can read it optionally. Moreover, by having messages visible to everyone in the channels, you increase transparency within the workplace. However, there is an option to private message someone without anybody seeing it, except the receiver is also possible in Chats.


Microsoft Team’s notifications also reduce the possibility of missing out on important messages. All your likes and mentions are highlighted in the Activity and Chat section. The activity feed also gives you a brief overview of what’s happened and what’s coming so you know what the day holds.

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