Top Reasons To Become An uThetha Telecoms Agent Or Reseller

With our agent or reseller partner programs, we're able to reach more businesses in need of telephony solutions.

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With our agent or reseller partner programs, we’re able to reach more businesses in need of telephony solutions. We believe all organisations should have reliable, modern systems in place. In particular, we want to ensure business communication remains at the forefront of the ever-developing telecoms industry. A trustworthy telecommunications service can be the difference between a happy customer and a crackly connection. We know which one we’d want! With this in mind, we aim to make our services as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer two partner programs! Become either an agent or a reseller and increase your revenue, whilst growing your business. Furthermore, our partner programs give you access to sell PABX systems, hosted PBX, VoIP least cost routing and a variety of telecommunications services. Additionally, we give you access to our very own flagship brand of high-quality VoIP and Free Business Hosted PBX service: uVoice. See our top 5 reasons to become either an TRUENAV Partner:

Become An Agent

1. Upfront & Ongoing Revenue Stream

Signing up to our partner programs comes with many benefits. Our commission payments are only one of them! Once an agent submits a qualified business lead to us, we take over. Afterwhich, our agents then receive ongoing commission payments on all invoices between TRUENAV and the customer.

2. Free Agent Sales Training

We train our agents to ensure you are confident in talking the talk, especially when it comes to telecoms jargon. Moreover, we want to see our agents succeed – that’s why we give you in-depth product and service information in order to acquire promising leads. Additionally, during our training process, we give every agent access to all our products and services in order to become experts at selling what we do.

3. Solution Scoping For Our Agents

We work with you! Our agents receive comprehensive solution scoping and design for every customer. In turn, this ensures customers are provided with a tailored solution for their specific business requirements.

4. World Class Service Level Agreements

At TRUENAV we provide a professional service backed by world-class accredited telecoms installers:

  • Yeastar
  • NEC
  • Scopserv International Inc.
  • WombatDialer
  • QueueMetrics
  • XCALLY Motion

5. No Need For Technical Or Admin Resource Investments

To become an agent there’s no need for expensive investments. Not only this, with our agent program, the hassle of investing in telecoms technical staff or a telecoms sales team is a thing of the past.

Become A Reseller

1. Custom White-Label Partition

As a reseller, you gain access to all our products, services and telecommunications solutions. Effectively, this means you can ‘white label’ transactions with NO monthly fee. Above all, you can sell TRUENAV services under your own branding and build your business.

2. Free Reseller Training

We provide you with the tools and resources to sell telecommunications products, services and solutions under your own brand. At TRUENAV, reseller training is free – we even help you set up your rate sheets!

3. Fully Redundant Infrastructure

We run a multi-tenant system with fully redundant infrastructure. Firstly, this means we have backups in place should our primary resources go down. This system reduces downtime risks and allows you to work without a hitch. Above all, our multi-tenant system gives you the freedom to customise your experience to your business preferences.

4. Make The Largest Share Of The Margin

Bulk wholesale tiers for minutes means you make the lion share of the margin. Now that’s a deal!

5. No Extra Reseller Charges

With our partner programs, there are no hidden costs. We don’t charge our resellers for SIP accounts, hosted extensions or bulk number porting. Do you wish to take the plunge and become an TRUENAV agent or reseller? For all dealer queries, contact TRUENAV today!


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