Top Reasons TRUENAV Free Business Hosted PBX is What Your Business Needs

Let’s be honest, this economy is hard enough on South African businesses – whether it’s large corporations or boutique establishments

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Let’s be honest, this economy is hard enough on South African businesses – whether it’s large corporations or boutique establishments. Don’t let your telecoms add to your worries – TRUENAV will improve your business rather than making it more difficult! See our top reasons why your business needs our Free Business Hosted PBX and improve your company today!

Less Cost More Quality

Minimising on your business expenses doesn’t always mean you’re sacrificing quality. Our IP PBX system allows you to work through your existing office IT Infrastructure so that you don’t have to go through long and expensive infrastructural changes that become outdated with time. In fact, you don’t even need a separate network or cabling and our Hosted PBX system works with your existing network infrastructure. Whether you’re a large corporation or even a small business, a hosted PBX phone is budget-friendly. This system has a lower cost compared to other technologies as it uses Hosted infrastructure and requires fewer physical components than a traditional telephone system. What’s more, you don’t have to pull out more money to train additional staff or even acquiring technical expertise for installation as TRUENAV IP PBX systems are fully managed and maintained by professional technical staff, giving you peace of mind. Don’t bother hiring external technicians to install or maintain your system. TRUENAV saves you time AND money by taking care of this for you.

No Contracts or Hidden Costs

At TRUENAV, we know that the South African economy is very unpredictable, so we want to make things easier for you and your business. We believe in growing WITH your company instead of going AGAINST it. That’s why our Free Business Hosted PBX is not contract-based. Your business can upscale or downscale easily and promptly according to what your business needs – with no hidden costs!

Retain Your Business Contact Number

Wanting to change office location or provider AND still keep your business contact number? You got it! With TRUENAV’s PBX systems you are able to move your office wherever you like and still keep your number. So, wherever you are, your clients will always be able to get a hold of you.

More Mobility

At TRUENAV, we want to give your business more freedom rather than restricting it. An IP based and Hosted PBX systems allow your business to be more mobile rather being bound to a single location. Because your telecoms are connected via an internet connection, your business becomes extremely flexible and this allows you to work from many different locations. With an efficient PBX system, your employees can actually connect to your work through their mobile phones! This feature can be particularly useful for companies with multiple branches and locations. Whether your employees are expected to travel regularly or simply report to work from home; a hosted PBX system allows quality connection – anytime and anywhere! Ready to improve your business yet? Contact TRUENAV today for a DUTY-FREE quote!


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