Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs PABX/PBX services

Keeping up with the times and moving away from traditional telecommunication systems is essential for businesses these days.

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Keeping up with the times and moving away from traditional telecommunication systems is essential for businesses these days. An easy way to do this is with IP PBX services_,_ this service boosts your business’s credibility amongst customers and business partners while moving into the future of communication. From small to large organisations, IP PBX services is one of the most widely used in South African businesses today. This popularity is due to the affordability factors as well as the usage flexibility which can improve corporate communications tremendously. IP PBX/PABX telecommunications services and solutions can improve your business telecoms without breaking the bank. See our top reasons why you should sign your business up today.

Easy to use!

Because of its advanced technology, the IP PBX telephone system allows for better communication flow between your company’s departments and staff. You can also automatically record calls, generate detailed reports and track performance over time. This functionality will improve the efficiency of your employees and assist your team in developing well-coordinated working processes.

Mobility of IP PBX Services

Our services and telecoms solutions are easy and convenient. With technologies like auto-provisioning, your business’s deployment time reduces – saving you time and money! IP based and Hosted PBX systems allow your business to be mobile rather than restricting you to a single location. Because your telecoms are connected via an internet connection, your business becomes extremely flexible and to work from many different locations. The PBX works through a switchboard system which permits your employees to connect for work through their mobile phones – anytime and anywhere. This feature can be particularly useful for companies with multiple branches and locations. With this service, not only will you improve your business’s efficiency out of office but you will also notice the financial saving month-to-month.

Cost Savings

With TRUENAV, you save money! The IP PBX system may work through your existing office IT Infrastructure which saves you from constantly purchasing new technology that quickly becomes outdated. No need for a separate network and cables for the telephone system. Whether you’re a large corporation or even a boutique establishment, a hosted PBX phone is budget-friendly. This system has a lower cost compared to other technologies as it uses an on-premise owned system. What’s more, there's no need to worry about training your staff or acquiring technical expertise for installation. IP PBX systems are easily manageable and have no hidden costs. Don’t bother hiring external technicians to install or maintain your system. TRUENAV saves you time AND money with our user-friendly control panel and hosted PBX.

Scalability of IP PBX Services

If you’re a small business owner hoping to expand your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Should your company grow, you may require more features, more phone line and better efficiency in communications. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cough up more money, because as your business grows, the systems can grow with you. Unlike traditional telephone systems which limit the number of users between calls, the extent of your IP PBX network system can be tailored according to your company's requirements. Naturally, as your business develops, so does your call volume. With TRUENAV, you do not need to waste money on costly hardware. Simply add to your existing features and increase your capacity as required without having to install new lines or keep clients waiting.

Good impressions

A commonly recognised featured of IP PBX services is the auto attendant. Even if you’re a smaller company, this smart feature gives off the same representation as larger corporations. This can boost your business’s credibility and inspire customer confidence in your company. This confidence can combat potential customers who may be apprehensive about dealing with a smaller business. Are you ready to improve your business's telecoms services today? Contact us for a free and duty-free quote now!


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