Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs TRUEPBX Microsoft Team Direct Routing

Having a business with a worldwide presence can be challenging. That’s why it’s important be ahead of the game when it comes to your telecoms.

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Having a business with a worldwide presence can be challenging. That’s why it’s important be ahead of the game when it comes to your telecoms. If you’re looking to improve the way you connect with clients, then TRUENAV’s TRUEPBX Microsoft Team Direct Routing may be the answer for you. Never heard of TRUEPBX Direct Routing before? Don’t worry, we’ll make things clearer.

What is TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

With the TRUENAV’s uVoice Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Trunk your business or organisation can connect to customers using Microsoft Teams as your phone system. Your business can use Microsoft 365 to communicate with customers without a PBX. TRUENAV will provide you with a SIP Trunk per domain and a number per Microsoft Teams user. All your Business requires is the relevant Microsoft 365 licensing.

The Benefits of Direct Routing

Central Control

One of the biggest benefits of using Microsoft Teams for Direct Routing is that you can have centralised control and management at your fingertips. Your business gets to use a single, industry standard, integrated platform for data and voice, all in one place! What’s more, is that you can extend your business’ voice platform across a global WAN.

No Physical Phones Required

With TRUEPBX Microsoft Teams, you and your staff will no longer be tied to a desk. Basic desk phones are now optional as Direct Routing works through softphones, smartphones, headsets connected to computing devices and the list goes on. This is especially beneficial for employees that need to travel regularly or even work from home.

Online Meetings

Direct Routing gives you all the benefits of a traditional PBX line. Hence, everything your business is used to via PBX can be delivered via Teams. Make call transfers with ease, including connecting inbound external calls to another external party, utilise enterprise-grade Conference Phones for meeting rooms and set up voicemail for individual users.

Seamless Cloud Migration

Even if you don’t use a Microsoft network, it’s quick and easy to migrate to Microsoft Teams without losing any existing data. In fact, you don’t have to rush migration of on-premise endpoints to Office 365 because of design constraint with an IT admin, simply plan the migration batches and run adoption program at ease while on-premise and ‘Teams’ users are still able to communicate with each other without any growing pains. Interoperability between on-prem and ‘Teams’ infrastructure gives IT admins sufficient time to plan the batches of migration.

Quality Calling

TRUEPBX Direct Routing reduces the traffic flowing to and from Microsoft data centres and allows the call media to be directly routed to the SBC. This dramatically increases the call quality while also decreasing the amount of network traffic. If you’re interested in transforming your business telecommunication solutions with TRUENAV, give us a call today for a duty-free and obligation-free quote! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, give us a call today.


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