TRUENAV Provides Multibranch TRUEPBX Solution To College of Cape Town - cutting costs by going cloud.

A solution that was deployed fast, with seamless integration.

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Challenges and Objectives:

College of Cape Town’s prime objective was to cut costs on inter-branch communications by finding a better multibranch voice solution. As is often the case, their existing traditional telco lines were costly and unreliable. The phone system was obsolete and barely met their requirements – it lacked the ability to allow direct calls from one branch to another with direct inward dialling.

Part of the challenge was providing a solution that was easy to deploy, simple to maintain, and required no extra IT investment on administration and maintenance.


We used TRUENAV’s state-of-the-art architecture capabilities provided by our TRUEPBX Hosted PBX, delivering a system that had a new cloud-based phone system with advanced built in features to serve its educational facilities.

The solution was deployed fast, with little fuss and quick integration. And as with most advancements in the space, actually saved them money by lowering overheads.

“When it comes to the telco space, keeping up to date is about more than just features, it’s about cost and operational optimization. Don’t stagnate on your systems – it’s costing you time and money.”

A note from our happy partner :

“We particularly liked TRUENAV’s consultative and transparent approach. Their system has provided significant cost savings due to no monthly costs for hosting the PBX along with the removal of our fixed lines. This cost-effectiveness combined with free inter-branch calls, barring of extensions and built in telephone management software, made the decision to deploy the TRUEPBX Hosted PBX an easy choice”

– Wilfred Jackson, Financial Manager, College of Cape Town


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