TRUENAV (Pty) Ltd Forges Strategic Partnership with Flexopower Energies (Pty) Ltd

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TRUENAV, a leading communications provider known for delivering cutting-edge digital communication solutions, is excited to announce a new partnership with Flexopower Energies (Pty) Ltd, an industry leader in portable energy solutions based in Johannesburg.


This collaboration signifies TRUENAV’s commitment to expanding its offerings beyond telecommunications and data solutions. By reselling Flexopower’s state-of-the-art Lithium inverters, TRUENAV is poised to provide businesses with an even broader spectrum of solutions to navigate the demanding landscape of communications and energy.


Flexopower’s rich history dating back to 2006 has become a household name among campers, overlanders, home office operators, and businesses. Their foldable solar panels, notably the Namib and Kalahari, employ the most advanced shingled solar cell technology with Teflon encapsulation, setting industry standards in output, durability, and aesthetics.


“Our partnership with Flexopower is a testament to TRUENAV’s vision of embracing the convergence of communications and energy solutions. Flexopower’s expertise in portable energy solutions complements our dedication to providing personalized, secure, and competitive solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs,” remarked Etienne Tredoux, CTO of TRUENAV.


As both companies continue to champion the importance of human connections through communication or energy, this partnership promises a brighter, more connected future for businesses everywhere.


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