TVC Wealth and Health Managers: Seamless Migration to 3CX Cloud

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I am writing this testimonial on behalf of TVC, a valued Financial Service Provider (FSP) that recently embarked on a transformative journey by migrating to 3CX in the cloud with the assistance of TRUENAV.

Before moving to 3CX, TVC encountered several challenges with their existing phone system. Limited scalability/functionality and the constraints of an on-premises solution were impeding their operational efficiency. Recognizing the need for a modern and flexible telephony solution, TVC decided to make the strategic move to 3CX in the cloud with TRUENAV.

The migration process was nothing short of seamless, thanks to TRUENAV’s expertise and dedicated support. The transition to the cloud-based 3CX system not only resolved the existing communication issues but also provided TVC with a range of benefits.

Key problems solved:

1. Enhanced Scalability: The 3CX cloud solution offered TVC the scalability they needed to accommodate their growing business requirements. This ensured that their communication infrastructure could seamlessly evolve with the company.

2. Operational Flexibility: With the cloud-based model, TVC gained the flexibility to manage and access their phone system from anywhere, facilitating remote work and ensuring uninterrupted communication, regardless of the location.

3. Cost-Efficiency: Moving to 3CX in the cloud proved to be a cost-effective decision for TVC. They no longer had to deal with the expenses and maintenance associated with on-premises hardware, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.

4. Reliability and Maintenance: TRUENAV’s commitment to providing 24×7 support meant that TVC could rely on a robust and dependable communication system. This significantly reduced downtime and maintenance hassles, allowing TVC to focus on their core business activities.

In conclusion, TRUENAV’s expertise and the migration to 3CX in the cloud have been a game-changer for TVC. The decision not only addressed their immediate communication challenges but also positioned them for future success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We highly recommend TRUENAV to any organization seeking a reliable, scalable, and future-ready telephony solution.


Justin Els

Director at TVC Wealth and Health Managers (Pty) Ltd.


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