Uthetha Announces Name Change to TRUENAV

TRUENAV is class leading TechCo that delivers digital communication to all

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After seventeen years, Uthetha is changing its name to reflect the changes in the industry, its solutions and its focus.

Uthetha, a leading South African telecoms solutions provider, announced today that it had
changed its name to TRUENAV. The change results from what the founders believe the business’s role has developed into and reflects the vision of the company based on the escalation in convergence and complexity of the communications landscape.

Established in 2006, Uthetha provides telecommunications solutions and has grown into a national level 2 BBBEE service provider, offering voice and data solutions businesses across South Africa. They have grown and developed proven solutions that address digital voice, voice as a service and omnichannel contact centres.

“This industry is no longer transactional. You need confidence that your partner can offer you the expertise to ensure your business is successful for years to come. TRUENAV is that partner, and we are focused on helping our clients navigate the communications landscape, ensuring you take the best possible path to unlock your business’s potential.”

– Riaan Venter, CEO TRUENAV

With over seventeen years of experience, TRUENAV is a leading communications and internet service provider, servicing clients throughout South Africa, from small businesses to JSE-listed companies. Their consultative approach puts customers at ease, knowing they understand their customers’ challenges and present solutions tailored to solve these, allowing them to accelerate their businesses.


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