What is TRUEPBX and How Can It Improve Your Business

Simply put, the TRUEPBX Free Business Hosted PBX enables you to acquire the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PBX hardware.

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TRUEPBX is a TRUENAV very own brand of high-quality VoIP and free Business Hosted PBX service. Simply put, the TRUEPBX Free Business Hosted PBX enables you to acquire the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PBX hardware.

Still not sure what’s what? Keep reading to learn more about TRUEPBX and all the ways it can improve your business.

What is TRUEPBX?

TRUEPBX is an all-encompassing solution to your business’s telecommunication needs and has been aiding our customers to remain at the forefront of industry innovation for over 15 years.

Our TRUEPBX Hosted PBX (also referred to as Virtual PBX or Cloud PBX) runs on a redundant platform in our data centre in Mowbray, Cape Town. We also have multiple points of presence all over the country.

Additionally, customers can connect to the service using their own devices e.g softphone, smartphone or IP phone. Alternatively, uVoice provides a range of devices from Yealink, Gigaset, RTX, NEC or Zoiper on cash or rental basis.


As mentioned, uVoice Hosted PBX is completely free of charge – it costs nothing to create a VoIP account and add free extensions. However, you have the option of subscribing to chargeable extras that are relevant to your business such as call recording, audio conferencing, smart access numbers and more.

Additionally, telephone management software allows costs to be monitored and centrally managed remotely or on-site. Thus, making it easier for you and your managers to ensure quality control.

Full Scalability

Because subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis, you can easily increase or decrease your charges based on your company’s growth. In fact, when you make changes to your extensions, you will not be charged extra nor be given any lengthy contracts.


Because TRUEPBX works through a cloud-based connection, you and your employees can access your data anywhere in the world. Whether it’s across the country, or even at home!

TRUEPBX is also supported by most devices – including but not limited to iPhones and softphones.


TRUEPBX works with both traditional landline telecommunication as well as smartphone connections. It’s also compatible with most types of internet connectivity, including wireless, fibre, Microwave and LTE.

Storage Management

TRUEPBX offers system redundancy. Simply put, you can store and manage data on the cloud PBX. Your calls have receipts that are stored and backed up on the cloud regularly.

Cloud-based storage is also much safer than hardware-based storage. It eliminates risks such as hardware becoming faulty, outdated, lost, stolen or damaged.

Number Porting

TRUENAV offers a free 087 number and promises quick and efficient support as is necessary. What’s more, you can work out of the office and still keep your number. So wherever you are, your clients will always be able to get a hold of you and your employees.

If you’re interested in improving your company’s telecommunication systems, give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to help!


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