What is VaaS & How is it Beneficial For Your Business?

Having efficient telecoms are an essential part of any business or else you risk busy signals, downtime and dropped calls which can really cost your business.

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Having efficient telecoms are an essential part of any business or else you risk busy signals, downtime and dropped calls which can really cost your business. Keep reading to see how VaaS can improve your business’s telecoms in no time!

What is VaaS?

Voice as a Service (VaaS) is a business model for customers who require an outsourced telecom model for their business telecoms environment, which means a move from a capex to an opex model. With Vaas, customers are able to migrate from paying for telecoms equipment replacements, license fees, maintaining the equipment, providing their own first line support and paying for telco line rentals, to paying only per extension per month for the use of voice services.

Benefits of VaaS:

Save Money

Our VaaS model is customised to suit the type of business services offered by each customer site, for example head office, distribution, production or sales offices. The IT department is able to bill the business departments or branches directly for the VaaS services and voice calls, which means a reduced IT budget for telecoms. Essentially, with VaaS, IT departments no longer require resources to manage and maintain their aging telecoms infrastructure, and can instead focus on their core business.. Essentially, this means that Voice as a Service shifts your telecoms from CapEx to an OpEx model which spares business expenditure.

Quality of Service

At TRUENAV, we provide a Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure comprehensible call quality unlike any other. What’s more, we offer emergency recovery, ensuring your lines stay up with call routing and off-site hosting. This means that you will not have to worry about any downtime.

Free Up Staff

Since VaaS shifts the responsibility onto a single service provider, you don’t have to worry about your telecoms at all! We’ll take full responsibility of your telecoms, leaving your IT staff to focus on more complex initiatives within your business or organisation.

Quick Upgrades & Constant Monitoring

Our team of experts will monitor your telecoms around the clock to ensure your phones are performing their best. Moreover, upgrades will be seen to swiftly without any downtime, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Efficient & Cost-Effective Plans

At TRUENAV, your voice network will be able to access flexible and cost-effective calling plan options. Additionally, these plans are offered at a month-to-month or contract subscription which means that you can conveniently scale up or down depending on your business growth! What’s more, we provide various telephony and contact centre solutions that works with our VaaS model. This allows you to choose what’s best for your business rather than paying for services that you don’t need. No hidden costs – thus saving you money! Whether you’re a large corporation or a start-up business, TRUENAV will tailor-make your telecommunication to suit your business needs AND budget. Contact us today for a duty-free quotation!


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